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Build Your Dream Soft Wash Business

Whether you have an existing business you wish to add soft washing services to, or you are starting new with your first business venture, SoftWash Systems makes starting this journey easy. With the most comprehensive turn-key solution available we make soft washing easy. Ease is one thing, but proven and profitable is another. SoftWash Systems puts the systems in the soft washing business. We endeavor each and every day to create the equipment, chemicals, education, and support that are the envy of the soft washing industry. We are here for you, providing you with all of the tools you will need for you and your business to reach the highest possible levels of success.
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Experts Are Here to Help

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Give our team at W call and we can walk you through the options and benefits of the SoftWash Systems Affiliate Program.
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Affiliate Steps to Success

Step 1

Contact Washco

Contact Washco Equipment and speak to one of our SoftWash Systems Specialists today to learn about the In-Network Program and the amazing benefits.

Step 4

Complete Online Test

Find Instructions in the Certified Applicator Program Binder for how to take the online test.

Step 7

Good Stewards Commitment

Adhere to the guidelines on the 50 Point Standard and commit with a signature.


Step 2

Attend Discover SoftWash

Discover SoftWash is an Educational Camp hosted at the corporate headquarters of SoftWash Systems in Sanford, Florida. Discover SoftWash is aptly named as it’s a fantastic way for you to start out your soft washing journey discovering all its possibilities.


Learn More...

Step 5

Complete Certification Process

end us your completed Certified Confirmation Process Document by email. This test will make sure you have all the correct safety equipment and documentation that you need for field experience.

Step 8

Onboarding Call

This call will make sure you are aware of all of the great things SoftWash Systems has to offer!

Step 3

Certified Applicator Course

SoftWash Systems offers education that encompasses all levels of professionals, the best support in the industry, the newest innovations for soft washing equipment, and time tested chemicals that do the work for you!


Learn More...

Step 6

Apply for the Seal

Details will be sent to SotfWash Systems to verify your services.


Step 9

Welcome to the Network

You will receive a welcome to the network email and access to the logos you can use.


Benefits of Certification

  • Co-Brand with SoftWash Systems on your advertisements, website, truck, and storefront.

  • Ability to use the Shield emblem on your website and marketing materials.

  • Exclusive access to our Creative Studio for design and marketing needs.

  • Ability to participate in exclusive In-Network programs internally with SoftWash Systems – saving your business money.

  • Ability to receive FREE shipping on orders $200 and above.

  • SoftWash Academy Online reduces learning and training development costs when hiring & continuing education.

  • Have the ability to access additional resources, documents, workbooks to make starting a business easy.

  • SoftWash Academy Online tracks all your CEU’s (Continuing Education Units) for you so you can easily stay on top of training.

  • Assign your employees to specific educational training for different positions on SoftWash Systems Academy Online.

  • Run reports to track progress and completion of courses for your own employees inside SoftWash Academy Online.

  • Free access to the Technical Phone Support.

  • Ability to use the SoftSery Invoice System.

  • Ability to purchase the Sales Boot Camp.

  • Ability to work with SoftWash Systems Partners with exclusive pricing discounts only available to In-Network companies.

  • Ability to use the Good Stewards logo on your marketing materials and website, with 50 Point Standard signature.

  • Access to Certified Level Classes.

What People Are Saying

I’ve been in the softwashing industry for a while but couldn’t find products that worked well until SWS! The area of most growth for his company via SWS training has been the expertise and ability to clean surfaces that were always a problem before. Metal roofs, in particular, were an issue, and due to equipment constraints, we had to walk on every roof. Now that we have the right tools and training to do the job, we are actually known in the area as “The Metal Roof Cleaning Experts!“

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Take Your Business to the Next Level

Continue on a path to further business growth as a SoftWash Systems Authorzied Professional and 5 Star Company
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